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Heritages and Museums

In State museum of applied art of Uzbekistan there are more than 7,000 pieces of traditional folk art, starting from the first half of XIX century until modern times. The museum collection is represented by all regions of Uzbekistan, many of which are recognized as centers of artful handicrafts. Among the exhibits you will find ceramic, glass and porcelain plates and dished, samples of hand-made and machine embroidery, national fabrics and clothes, carpets, works of wood engraving, varnished miniatures, jewelry and many other things.

The Museum of Communication History in Uzbekistan, is a unique and the first museum in the history of Uzbekistan which is related to the communication technologies. It was established in 2009, and nowadays the museum became one of the most famous museums among Uzbek people.

The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, previously known as the National Museum of Turkestan, was founded in 1876. It is located in Tashkent.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin or Dormition Cathedral is the Russian Orthodox cathedral of the diocese of Tashkent in Uzbekistan since 1945. The cathedral was built in 1871 and enlarged in the 1990s, the bell tower was rebuilt in 2010.

Kukeldash Madrasah is a medieval madrasa in Tashkent, located closed to Chorsu Bazaar and Chorsu Metro station. It was built around 1570 by the Shaybanid Dynasty of rulers. The madrasah was converted into a caravanserai in the 18th century, then it served as a fortress. In the 20th century it was a museum, first of atheism, and later of folk music. In the 1990s, the building was made a madrasah again.

History of the square in the center of Tashkent, which now bears the name of the commander and the founder of a vast medieval empire – Amir Timur began in the XIX century, when Tashkent became the center of the Turkestan Military District in the Russian Empire. It was founded by order of General M. Chernyaeva in 1882. Square is a small park in the city center, around which the building housed the female and male high school, teachers’ seminary and a state bank.

The Sacred Heart Cathedral or more formally the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, sometimes also known as the “Polish Church” is the name given to a religious building belonging to the Roman Catholic Church and is located in the street Sadiq Asimov, Tashkent city, east of Uzbekistan. This is a relatively new structure that was built in the early twentieth century. It is decorated with stained glass windows, small towers on the roof and an arched doorway . It has a living room and a library, named in honor of Pope John Paul II.

The Amir Timur Museum is located in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. It opened in 1996, and is dedicated to the Mongol warlord Amir Timur. The museum carries out educational work with the younger generation, inculcating respect and love towards their heritage, history, and great historical figures. To this end the museum holds spiritual-enlightenment activities in collaboration with schools, colleges and lyceums.