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Tashkent Zoological park is a cultural, educational and research establishment. The Tashkent Zoo was founded in 1924 on the basis of the small menagerie which existed at that time at an art museum on the territory of a former country summer estate of the governor general, at the initiative of scientific biologists; an area of about 3 hectares was allocated for the Zoo.

Lake Charvak is a water reservoir in Bostanliq District in the northern part of Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan, separating Ugam, Pskem, and Chatkal ranges. Lake Charvak is the uppermost of the several reservoirs made on the Chirchiq River. Downstream, there are Khodzhikent Reservoir and Gazalkent Reservoir, which have a much smaller area. Lake Charvak is a popular resort in Tashkent region and thousands of holiday makers from all over Uzbekistan and neighbouring countries visit the reservoir.

Japanese garden is a special park. To understand its beauty, you need time to dive into the world of Japanese national perception of the world, feel the spirit, depth and originality of Japanese culture, learn philosophy, way of thinking, a different system of values, people.

Greater Chimgan of the Chatkal Mountain range is located in the territory of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park, and it is in the Bostanlyk administrative district, Uzbekistan. The Chimgan village was settled 400–500 years ago in the mountain massive of dominant the Greater Chimgan peak (3,309 m), at an altitude of 1,620 m.

Collection of Botanical Garden composes more than five thousand species and cultivars of trees, shrubs, dwarf shrubs, vines, herbaceous and aquatic plants. It was erected in 1959 in Yunusabad district of Tashkent city and till now it attracts many visitors to the beauty of nature.