Chorsu Bazaar

Chorsu Bazaar is the traditional bazaar located in the center of the old town of Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. Under its blue-colored domed building and the adjacent areas, all daily necessities are sold.

Chorsu Bazaar is located across the street from Chorsu Station of the Tashkent Metro, near Kukeldosh Madrasah. “Chorsu” is a word from the Persian language, meaning “crossroads” or “four streams”. Kukeldash Madrasah, built around 1570, is located at the edge of the bazaar.

For many centuries Chorsu bazaar have been one of the busiest bazaars in Central Asia, since it is located on the Silk route. The location hasn’t changed in all these years but the old buildings have been replaced by modern ones. But here, locals still source for spices, vegetables, dried fruits, traditional and modern apparel, including carpets.

This world-famous bazaar specializes in everything from jewelry, ceramics, pottery, national costumes, housewares and much-more. It is always bustling and well worth visit even if you do not intend to buy.

The Chorsu Bazaar has a vast open-air market where you’ll find carefully woven carpets sit next to glistening ceramics, which in turn are neighbors of shiny watermelons, plump raisins and juicy apricots.

Lots of kinds of spices! Ginger, and saffron, black pepper and more. Mountains of dried fruits are located under the big turquoise cupola. These are unusual but guaranteed-to-please gift for friends back home.